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NASA Student Launch

What is NASA Student Launch?

Student Launch Team, Troop 17 (SLT17) is one of only 15 middle and high school teams in the US invited to participate in NASA’s Student Launch Initiative, a premier college-level STEM challenge conducted by NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center. The team works alongside NASA engineers using NASA’s rigorous process for launch vehicle design and flight operations to develop and fly a high-powered rocket carrying a science payload of the team’s design to an altitude of one mile above ground level. The goal is to enhance team member understanding of applying a practical and logical approach to complex engineering development, program management, and problem solving. This hands-on experience will give team members unparalleled experience with real-world processes they can use as they prepare for college and for their post-collegiate careers.

The program includes a mandatory education element, which requires team members to educate at least 200 youth, including students and Scouts in the area about the program, their rocket development, their scientific\ experiment, and the science of rocketry. Through this program, they not only will learn to describe their project, but also learn to present before an audience.


Where Can I Find Out More about the Troop 17 Team?

The SLT17 website is where the important documents for our project are available – proposal, Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR), Flight Readiness Review (FRR) and post-flight data analysis.  Check back often to see the latest photos and status of our project and learn about our wonderful sponsors.

Written by Victor

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